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Thank you – our journey goes on!

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The past three months, JIP has been on a fascinating journey. Never before have we had such a tremendously divers program. Never before have we collaborated with so many different artists. Never before have we welcomed so many people in the audience.

Last summer, conductors Jonathan and Imre chose to dive into the theme ‘Op Doortocht – moving cultures’. We were inspired by the power and sound of nomadic tribes and shocked by the terrible news about the refugees from the Middle East and Africa. There are many nomadic tribes that choose to travel and are always on the move. In our modern society, people travel in many different ways and for many different reasons. Jonathan and Imre saw the news and wanted something different. They wanted to create a story of hope. A story of collaboration. A story of welcoming new cultures and meeting each other.

People from all over the world came to our concerts. Parents of choir members were sitting next to people who are new in the Netherlands. People flew over from Sweden, or watched our livestream of the concert in Den Haag from Brazil. All of them heard different stories from all over the world. Inuit pictures, Maasai sounds, Middle Eastern poems and Andalucían gypsy tunes. All of them heard compositions that were composed for this project. The 1.000 people attending our concerts could see visual art from artists from Syria, Bosnia, the Netherlands and other countries and eat nomadic snacks during the break.

So many singers, artists, musicians, composers, poets, choirs, organizations and people in the audience made their contribution to the project, that it is almost impossible to thank everyone separately. But to all of them we say: thank you from the bottom of our heart. Because of you we could create the story of hope, cultural diversity, love, collaboration and appreciation we could not even dream of last summer. We can only conclude that there are many, many people striving for a better world, in which people can peacefully live together, sharing their stories and cultures with each other and playing and singing together.

Thank you! – to the audience who listened to our concerts with beautiful attention
Thank you! – to all refugees who brought us their stories
Thank you! – to all singers who gave everything they could for the music
Thank you! – to Mohamed, Ibrahim, Ali and Omar who touched us all with their beautiful songs
Thank you! – Diederik, Diederik and Bjarni, for your incredible compositions
Thank you! – Arthur for a proffesional recording
Thank you! – Achref, Baban, Nicolás, Ruth and Teaba, who helped us with beautiful poetry and new langages
Thank you! – Fayha Choir from Lebanon and the Maasai choir Loruvani from Tanzania, for the work you do
Thank you! – Rodaan, Milla, Helena, Oussama, Besher, Yaman, Mahmod, Amani and Jakob, for the beautiful photo’s, paintings and poems.
Thank you! – Edith, Brita and Floor, for the delicious food
Thank you! – Immanuel, Lisanne, Annelieke, Emma, Robin, Etrona, Jeroen, Eva, Ayesha, Leo, Philip, Frieda, John, Shuker and Caspar, for your help in making this possible!
Thank you! – The Publisher, Stek, The Hague Peace Projects, Vrije Hogeschool, churches, VluchtelingenWerk and Stichting the Vrolijkheid!
Thank you! – all the other people who helped us in making this possible.

Our journey is not over. On the 28th of May, Kamerkoor JIP will, together with our friends Mohamed and Ibrahim, give two more concerts: we will be performing choir at the Nederlands Koor Festival (voorronde in Haarlem) and together with the Oosterkerk Haarlem we organize a benefit concert and exhibition for Stichting Bootvluchteling. In September we start with a new project! Send us an e-mail if you want to join. We will keep you updated you on our website and Facebook.

See you soon!

Jonathan and Imre
Conductors Kamerkoor JIP

Photo’s: Lotte Brugman and Ronald Correljé


Onbegrensde ruimte

kijk om je heen, open
de deuren, zing
je mooiste lied, wees
niet bang, er zijn altijd
oren die dorsten naar
je deinende ritme

bereid je voor op het onverwachte
denk aan een overvolle markt,
de donkere kleuren kijken
naar elkaar, voorzichtig
leren we elkaar kennen soms
herken je gezichten zonder dat je
weet wat hun stem of geur ook
weer was, maar hun ogen
volgen je zo dicht

~ Baban Kirkuki