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Exhibition: poetry from Rodaan Al Galidi

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At the concerts of Kamerkoor JIP, there will be an exhibition, inspired by the theme and music of the project.

Rodaan Al Galidi (born 1971) is a Dutch writer of Iraqi descent. A trained engineer, he fled his native Iraq and came to the AZC of Harlingen, the Netherlands, in 1998. Al Galidi writes both prose and poetry in Dutch, a language he taught himself. In 2000 he won a prize at the literature competition of El Hizrja, centre for Arabic Art and Culture. His novel “De autist en de postduif” (The autist and the carrier-pigeon) won the EU Prize for Literature in 2011. Shortly after, he failed the Dutch naturalization test.

Different poems that are related to our themes will be exposed prior to the concerts. Watch an interview with the ‘Asielzoeker des Vaderlands’ in Podium Witteman (in Dutch).