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April 7: Exhibition: 1 poem in 11 languages

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JIP6 Exhibition: 1 poem in 11 languages

At the concerts of Kamerkoor JIP, there will be an exhibition, inspired by the theme and music of the project. In the coming weeks we will introduce all artists and poets!


Milla Braat (The Hague) studied Creative Writing at ArtEZ institute of the Arts in Arnhem and Dutch language and culture at Leiden University. From an early age she performed with her poems at different events. She was the youngest finalist at the national poetry slam championship. As a member of The Hague Poet Guild, she organizes poetry projects and writes poems for and about her hometown.

At the JIP exhibition, she presents a postmodern love poem she wrote in Dutch and English and later had translated into 9 other languages.

“I was confronted with a lot of languages and at the same time fell in love in a lot of different ways. I realised how different languages bear different perceptions of the world in them and how closed and inaccessible they appear when you don’t understand the language. And I learned how rich you can feel if you take the time learning to understand a foreign language.”

At our exhibition you can read the poem in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic and Thai. Our exhibition will be open 45 minutes prior to the start of our four concerts.

I wait, in my own language. I wait in my own impossible ways,
until it will break, straight off of its tree branch
and onto my autumn ground.

I have to forget that I don’t speak this language.
And speak.