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February 19 – learning Arabic

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JIP6 – Learning Arabic

At our second rehearsal we looked at the pronunciation of our songs in Arabic. We worked on the song Fog elna Khel (فوق النخل), a love song from Iraq, but also very popular in Syria. Yal asmar ellon (هالأسمر اللون) is a traditional from Aleppo, in the North of Syria. But what is the difference between Arabic from Aleppo and Arabic from Baghdad? Probably the hardest exercise were the lyrics of Zikr, a song from the Indian composter Rahman. The text was a mixture of Arabic and Urdu… Well, good luck to the Dutch choir members for pronouncing it…

We are very happy to have Teaba Alsalman helping us out at rehearsals, with a lot of humour and very precise instructions. Thank you, Teaba!